If you have been trying to conceive naturally for one year or more without success, Chinese Medicine Medical Treatment can be of great help. We have seen it in our clinic time and time again - successful healthy babies...what a joy!


We accomplish this by preparing the bodies (yes, 40% of infertility is caused by a male factor) to function at their reproductive optimum.  This means for women, improving the regularity and quality of the menses by putting into place proper lifestyle for better health: stress reduction and balanced weight control.  For men: weight loss, stress  reduction and a change in eating habits.  We analyze your Western Medical Diagnosis, test results, and any other appropriate information; we make our own analysis and Eastern Medical diagnosis and then prepare a protocol designed specifically for you.  This will consist of Acupuncture, perhaps herbals and supplementation to optimize your fertility potential to create our mutual goal – a healthy baby.



 East West Conception